Thanks PLAGUE!

Big thanks to my "Blog Buddy" (the wife's term) Plague for sending me this. Again good sir, you rule. (it's for a 6 mo so she's gotta grow into it, but man I couldn't resist a pic).

It's from Think Geek which really has so much cool stuff. But Plague pointed out to me that they make this in red... REALLY? You might as well just hand her to Phillip Garrido on the next Away Team mission to WalMart .

And if any of you readers out there are feeling generous... ahem... she also loves Deeeeaaathhhh Metal.



  1. Man, I made the Red shirt joke with dad. I'm shocked to find out they really make them. That's downright sick...to people who would understand why it is just wrong.

    So...a baby, the rebirth of buying band/novelty apparel? Awesome.

  2. Exactly... as I move into wearing more and more nice clothes, button up shirts etc... My baby gets to inherit my habit of wearing branded nerd/band clothes. The cycle of life continues.

  3. Wish we'd known about these 11 years ago for James. She looks good in it; she may have a future in a command position. It's not too early to consider OCS, you know...