Thanks PLAGUE!

Big thanks to my "Blog Buddy" (the wife's term) Plague for sending me this. Again good sir, you rule. (it's for a 6 mo so she's gotta grow into it, but man I couldn't resist a pic).

It's from Think Geek which really has so much cool stuff. But Plague pointed out to me that they make this in red... REALLY? You might as well just hand her to Phillip Garrido on the next Away Team mission to WalMart .

And if any of you readers out there are feeling generous... ahem... she also loves Deeeeaaathhhh Metal.




Eat it jerks... After years of slowly passing by the Family Parking Section while grumbling and rolling my eyes at the throngs of cars adorned with stupid stickers marking off how many kids people have like a Bomber hatching off kills... I now can finally add myself to that fabulous list of people who get to park closer to the doors simply because they did the one thing they were put on this earth to do (tender ronies) and it feels gooooood.

Next I'm going to buy a big SUV so I can park in the Compact Car spaces in tight underground garages as seems to be the custom.

Oh and IKEA Soft Serve... brilliant.