More Dutch "Goodness"

Looks good doesn't it? Well...

Another joy of being married to a Dutch person is to experience the joy that is their love of Licorice and the wide rainbow of flavors that comes with it. They have sweet licorice, salty licorice, licorice powder that is sort of like "Lick-M-aid" (only licorice), and then they have a whole separate category for Anise related things. Likewise I'm sure that civil engineers who develop cities also have a wide catalog of street tars, concrete, and asphalt that they pull from when laying roads. I'm also sure that their road tars taste better than any licorice that I've ever eaten.

You see I don't like cauliflower (mean broccoli as I call it) or steamed carrots, but when I eat them, I can choke them down. When I try licorice, of any sort, my body rejects it like what. There have been countless times in my relationship with the wifey where I've been a good sport trying whatever new favorite flavor of hers she wants me to sample. It always ends in tears and a soggy half chewed black hunk of gross getting flicked into the kitchen garbage can.

But, as a good son-in-law and husband I have was a very good sport when it came to one of their Birth traditions. We have cigars, they have "Beschuit met Muisjes" (biscuits with mice), dry biscuits with sugar covered anise seeds on top with the appropriate blue or pink hue. And let me say... it is just as tasty as you may think it is. I did it though. I actually ate the whole thing with very minimal face making. Only did it once however.


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